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Yardamard and other Things:
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in LOURDES' LiveJournal:

Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
4:31 pm
having a sucky week
i want my hair back! i dyed it last night and it did not come out right at all. its like this brassy gold color and it doesn't look right at all. i have never loved my natural dark blonde/ mousy brown hair color as much as i do right now. i need to fix it ASAP. I think what i'll do is re-dye it a color called sandalwood dark ash blonde, which is the closest i could find to my natural color. if anyone has ever dyed their hair and had it go completely wrong suggestions would be very helpful not that there really is anything to correct permaent haircolor but whatever. on top of it i have been lying in bed all day with the most agonizing cramps of my life and i threw up twice today. lately my life has just been sucking in general and i feel stuck in everything i do. thats probably why i decided to dye my hair even though i wasn't feeling all that dissatisfied with it- i just wanted something to change. i am supposed to babysit tonight and i am very tempted to cancel. i'd feel really bad but i am so not in the mood to read harry potter all night to two super annoying brats. i need either (or both preferably) my cramps or my hair to change.
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
8:41 pm
ah i am feeling so much better. the movie ghost dog was wonderful therapy. at least my day is ending well. with renewed energy and happiness i am off to dye my hair and eat nutella unashamedly.

Current Mood: rejuvenated
1:35 pm
hair dye is really scary!
so i bought some hair dye yesterday. i want it to be more blonde all over instead of just having highlights and having it be alot darker on the top of my head. so danielle and i were at wegmans, and i really wanted the all-natural vegetable based kind- because thats just the kind of girl that i am. but danielle made many persuasive arguments about how i would need to use special shampoo to keep it from washing out and that they didn't have the right shade of blonde- so finally i caved and bought garnier nutrisse permanent hairdye. chemicals are just really scary even though everyone is assuring me that i'm not going to die from dyeing my hair. i already did the allergy test and the strand test, so i'm thinking i'll dye it tonight. was going to join the lovely lupe and fashionista in a hairdyeing bonanza, but i have to babysit. sorry that i am boring and just go on and on about the trials and tribulations of dyeing ones hair a shade that will only be slightly different. right now i could use a really good movie to watch- or just any movie at all. i've already watched the ones that i rented and all the ones that i own. movies on daytime tv always suck. i am so looking forward to grassroots. but sometimes when i build things up in my head they kinda suck when i actually do them. i hope that doesn't happen. i am thinking it won't. after grassroots i am going down to new jersey for a week to live in a rich person's house for money. must end this entry so i can go back to getting fat from nutella.

Current Mood: blah
Friday, July 16th, 2004
9:47 pm
i was having a really bad day today for some reason. i think its that feeling where you're in need of seeing another human being that isn't my mother. she was being generally annoying and doubting whether or not she wanted me to stay over at grassroots or not because my brother was over yesterday and he told her that i'm too young to stay over. and of course she believes everything he says about stuff like that because she sees him as like a good role model for me even though i don't need a role model because i like never get into trouble. oh and then i found this guy that i was going to take voice lessons from and she doesn't think she'll let me because she doesn't know him so therefore he's probably a serial killer and i'll be dead after the first lesson. i don't know i can sort of see her point but chances are she won't know anyone that i take lessons from. but then i went to my guitar lesson and learned this really awesome fingerpicking song and that kind of refreshed my head and i wasn't as hostile toward her. but i still think that i need to get out of the house this weekend or i will go crazy. today i started reading east of eden by john steinbeck and its already amazing. but then again why wouldn't a book by john steinbeck be amazing?

Current Mood: lonely
Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
1:29 pm
john steinbeck is a love!
well guapo and i went to see of mice and men last night and it was oh so deliciously sad. but you know in that great steinbeck way. I love how his writing isn't really obviously brilliant its really humble but then he just has these really awesomely raw moments that make you love him even more! anyone who hasn't read one of his books should go now and do that and if you can't read you should sit there and stare at the pages until you can read- because i am sure as hell not going to sit there and read it to you. i really need to read his book "cannery row" or i might develop a tumor within the next like 5 hours and it will be all lupe's fault! ok enough of the literary babble. i need to clean the house - like the whole entire thing. its such an awful feeling because in anticipation of this awful event i absolutely know for sure that i will be swallowed by the entire house in the process. what i would really like to do is make purses and eat that new soy ice cream thats in the freezer. then maybe i would feel like a person who was enjoying the quality of their life. but oh well putting on really bad awesome fun pop music from the 90's will make it altogether bearable- i do have a music channel for exactly the kind of music just described. oh yeah i had a dream that i was michael moore's sister and so was my aunt. have fun kids and don't get hurt!

Current Mood: energetic
Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
11:45 am
chillin at lupe's
i like being in lupe's house when she's not here, it makes me feel like a badass! very hungry nothing to eat here! I will return to the homeland soon. lupe is a little klepto- she has had my nirvana cd for 2 years and she told me she didn't have it, but now it is back in my hands- ah the joys of being in lupes house in mangland. I am very sad that I bought eyeliner and lip stuff last night because they're both bad colors and now I am broke. why do I always waste money on dumb things like makeup? plus my turntable is broken- how the hell am I supposed to keep up with my record nerd duties? All those poor records being neglected they probably cry at night and get themselves moldy!

Current Mood: hungry
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